Boom Gallows Fittings

Gallows Frames, Gallows Braces, Boom Crutches, Deck Bases, etc.

  1. Adjustable Gallows Braces
    Adjustable Gallows Braces
  2. Small Gallows Frame Assembly
    Small Gallows Frame Assembly
  3. Gallows Frame Assembly
    Gallows Frame Assembly
  4. Fixed Gallows Brace
    Fixed Gallows Brace
  5. Gallows Frames & Base—detail
    Gallows Frames & Base—detail
  6. Gallows Frame
    Gallows Frame
  7. Large Gallows Frames
    Large Gallows Frames
  8. Leathered Boom Crutch
    Leathered Boom Crutch
  9. Large Gallows Frame
    Large Gallows Frame
  10. Custom Bulwark-Support Gallows Base
    Custom Bulwark-Support Gallows Base
  11. Large Side-Mount and Deck-Mount Bases
    Large Side-Mount and Deck-Mount Bases
  12. Small Custom Gallows Bases
    Small Custom Gallows Bases
  13. Adjustable Gallows Brace Base
    Adjustable Gallows Brace Base
  14. Adjustable Gallows Brace—detail
    Adjustable Gallows Brace—detail
  15. Small & Large Gallows Frames
    Small & Large Gallows Frames
  16. Folding Boom Crutch
    Folding Boom Crutch
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