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  1. Widgets
    SAVE 10%
    Folding Seat Bracket. From our collection of Wilmington Boat Works patterns. Ready for you to install your own wooden seat of choice, or we can include one at an additional cost. $238.50 each (plus shipping)
  2. Shiny Things
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    Shiny Things
    Pair of Large Boom Gallows Frames & Deck Bases (not shown) $776.30 (plus shipping) Pair of Small Boom Gallows Frames & Deck Bases (not shown) $693.90 (plus shipping)
  3. Doodads
    SAVE 20%
    PTF #5 Eye Nut. Comes in three standard thread sizes: 5/16"-18; 3/8"-16; and 1/2"-13. Everdur silicon bronze, bright finished (unpolished), and ready to ship. $19.54 each (plus shipping)
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