Red Hot & Staying Green

Foundries are by nature the world's recyclers; they reprocess existing materials into new product. At Port Townsend Foundry, we do our utmost to secure certified alloys from processors that specialize in the recycling and refining of metals. We believe there is enough above-ground copper and copper alloy that there is no need to mine and process new raw materials.

On our end, we collect and return the metal byproducts of our manufacturing—including slag, grinding dust, and machining chips—back to our suppliers to be refined back into useable alloys. To recycle our waste sand, we created a line of concrete cleat benches, which is made up of 35% recycled sand. By implementing these programs, we are able to keep much of our manufacturing waste out of landfills.

From concept to delivery, we approach our process from a lean manufacturing perspective. By casting to order and delivering directly to the end user, we have diminished the carbon footprint associated with a large manufacturing warehouse and distribution system. We aim to continue minimizing our environmental impact for the benefit of our employees, customers, and community.
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