Friends of PTF

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S/V Star of India– Gibson, McDonald & Arnold– 1863
S/V Elf– George Lawley– 1888
Cruiser Olympia– Union Iron Works–1892
Steam Yacht Cangarda– H.C. Wintringham– 1901
Schooner Maple Leaf– William Watts– 1904
Schooner Martha– B.B. Crowninshield– 1907
Schooner Fame– B.B. Crowninshield– 1910
Schooner Adventuress– B.B. Crowninshield– 1913
S/V GloryBe– Taylor-Grandy Boatyard– 1914
S/Y Rowdy– Nathanael G. Herreshoff– 1916
Schooner Ladona– William Hand– 1922
Schooner Suva– Ted Geary– 1925
Ketch Ilen– Conor O’Brien– 1926
M/Y Arequipa– Madden & Lewis– 1927
M/V Riptide– Schertzer Brothers Boat and Machine Company– 1927
M/V Cotton Blossom– Charles Ward Engineering– 1928
S/V Water Witch– Lester Stone & Sons Boatyard– 1928
S/Y Dorade– Sparkman & Stephens– 1929
Schooner Rose of Sharon– W. Starling Burgess– 1930
M/Y Talitha– Bannenberg & Rowell– 1930
Schooner Coaster II (Quissett)– Murray Peterson– 1933
S/V Vito Dumas– Manuel Campos– 1933
S/V Santana– Sparkman & Stephens– 1935
USCGC Eagle– Blohm & Voss– 1936
Spidsgatter PAX– M.S.J. Hansen– 1936
S/V Orient– Sparkman & Stephens– 1938
S/Y Odyssey– Sparkman & Stephens– 1938
Spidsgatter Bout– M.S.J. Hansen–1940
S/V Lucia– John Alden– 1940
Bristol Channel Cutters– Lyle C. Hess
Falmouth Cutters– Lyle C. Hess
M/Y Suellen– Ed Monk, Sr.– 1951
Schooner Alcyone– Frank M. Prothero– 1956
P/C Ave Maria– Williams & Johnston– 1957
Mayflower Ketch Miraka– Hugh Angelman & Charlie Davies– 1961
Schooner Spike Africa– Robert Sloan– 1977
M/S Corcovado– Jay Benford– 1979
F/V Cape Cleare– Skookum Marine Constr Inc.– 1983
M/S Nordso– Christian W. Dahl– 1985
Schooner Pacific Swift– S.A.L.T.S.– 1986
S/V Hawaiian Chieftain– Raymond H. Richards– 1988
Brig Lady Washington– Ray Wallace– 1989
Schooner Ceridwen– Atkins & Co.– 1994
Schooner Pacific Grace– S.A.L.T.S. Heritage Shipyard– 2001
Schooner Virginia– Cox & Stevens (Tri-Coastal Marine)– 2005
Schooner Spirit of South Carolina– Samuel J. Pregnall & Bros. Shipyard (Tri-Coastal Marine)– 2007
Schooner Columbia– W. Starling Burgess (Gilbert Associates)– 2014
Galleon San Salvador– Maritime Museum of San Diego– 2015
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Schooner Martha Foundation

Talk about engineering and art, this roller assembly from start to finish is a thing of beauty. Thank you Port Townsend Foundry Crew for such great work!

The Schooner Martha Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that, owns and operates the historic schooner Martha. Their sole purpose is to maintain and restore Schooner Martha and to use her to operate sail training programs. Martha has been under the Foundation’s care since 1996. She takes both youths and adults on sail training adventures in and around the San Juan Islands and Canadian waters. Martha is not only the oldest working sailboat in the state of Washington, but is also the oldest living flagship of the San Francisco Yacht Club!
Port Townsend Foundry is proud to support such a storied member of the local maritime community. Over the years, the foundry has collaborated with the Schooner Martha Foundation on projects ranging from keel bolts to rigging blocks and everything inbetween. We look forward to supporting the Schooner Martha Foundation for as long as they have wind in their sails.

Traditional Boat Works

Traditional Boat Works specializes in traditional wooden boat construction and repair methods. They have built, rebuilt, and repaired boats ranging in size from an 8-foot row boat to a 125-foot Pilot Schooner.

Most recently we have collaborated with Traditional Boat Works on the rebuilding of S/V Orient's spar. The masthead assembly we created was built to exceed the high loads required from the standing rigging. The project had a lot going on—main, jib, and spinnaker haylards; topping lift, fairleads, and chafing preventers—and that was only the top of the spar!

It is always a pleasure to work with dedicated professionals knowing that our goals are aligned. A big "thank you" to Doug Jones and staff for including us in this project, it just doesn’t get any better. Please have a look at Traditional Boat Works's web site and see what they can do for you. We look forward to further collaborations with them in the future.