History of Port Townsend Foundry

The original Port Townsend Foundry was established in 1883. Located on the waterfront in downtown Port Townsend, Washington, it manufactured street cars, steam engines, and hardware for all of the local Victorian mansions. At its height in 1889, the company employed around 250 people. During this time, the foundry manufactured two passenger steamliners and two tugs on-site, as well as many of the now-famous castings still in existence on the city's building facades.
A century later, in 1983, Pete Langley re-established Port Townsend Foundry, with the same level of craftsmanship, dedication, and integrity in mind. Following several discussions with a city engineer, it was apparent this would not be as easy as previously thought. After much consideration—and an extensive review of city codes—he was able to establish a portable foundry on a flatbed trailer within two blocks of the original foundry site. 

Pouring a little history every day​​

​​Now, many challenges and several decades later, the business spans multiple buildings and has developed a core group of employees who are now producing some of the most timeless and unique castings around. The use of heritage techniques as well as modern technology allows Port Townsend Foundry's craftspeople to produce pieces that we hope will someday themselves be a part of history.
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