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Marine Hardware
Our marine hardware is the perfect addition to vessels of all sizes, from skiffs to ships and everything in between. Our castings are designed to last a lifetime, and are produced in silicon bronze (Everdur), manganese bronze, aluminum bronze, white bronze, and aluminum alloys. Among the finishes we offer are polished, tumbled, burnished, and patinaed. Chroming and powder-coating are available, on request, through third parties. We can also provide third-party yield testing as needed. For further pricing and sizing, please contact us .

Below is a broad sample of our work. We have more than 6,000 patterns in our collection, and are making new ones every day. If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask. We can make it for you!
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for Awning Hardware, see:  Tubing Fittings
Please refer to our ordering policy for more information about working with us.

For inquiries: (360) 385-6425 or  ptf@olypen.com
for Capstans, see: Windlasses

​for Cathead Fittings, see: Bowsprit Fittings

for Cowl Vents, see: Vents

for Deadeyes, see: Chainplates

for Deadlights, see: Portholes & Deadlights
for Deck Drains, see: Through Hulls

for Deck Irons, see: Stove Hardware

for Deck Tangs, see: Tangs
for Inclinometers, see: Accessories
for Inspection Ports, see: Deck Plates
for Mast Tangs, see: Tangs
for Marlinspikes, see: Accessories
for Quadrants, see: Ship's Wheels & Steering
for Quick Releases, see: Staysail Hardware  or Stanchion & Lifeline Hardware
for Rod Jaw Ends, see: Turnbuckles
for Rowlocks, see: Oarlocks
for Yardarm Sockets, see: Mast Fittings