Other Products

In addition to our marine hardware line, we also produce a wide range of other products. Our custom work is limited only by your imagination. Our castings are designed to last a lifetime, and are produced in silicon bronze (Everdur), manganese bronze, aluminum bronze, white bronze, and aluminum alloys. Among the finishes we offer are polished, tumbled, burnished, and patinaed. Chroming and powder-coating are available, on request, through third parties. We can also provide third-party yield testing as needed. For further information on pricing and sizing, please contact us .

Below is a broad sample of our work. We have more than 6,000 patterns in our collection, and are making new ones every day. If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask. We can make it for you!

Architectural Castings

Art & Sculpture



Balusters, Beam Hangers, Beam Knees, Faucets,  Door Knockers, Vent Grates, Window Stops, etc.
Commissions, Installations, Reproductions, etc.
Actuator Arms, Bells, Clappers, Hangers, Restorations, etc.
Bronze-Slat, Concrete, and Custom Memorial Benches, etc.

Cranks, Hand Wheels, & Levers

Custom Castings



Hand-Manipulated Mechanical Controls
Antique Replacements, Automotive Castings, Product Development, etc.
Fishing Chairs, Gimbaled Tables, Helm Chairs, etc.
Fasteners, Hinges, Hooks, Knobs & Pulls, Latches, etc.
Please refer to our ordering policy for more information about working with us.

For inquiries: (360) 385-6425 or  ptf@olypen.com

Industrial Castings

Municipal Castings

Plaques, Memorial, & Lettering

Stock Material

Mill, Production Line, and Transportation Castings, etc.
Ash Trays, Planters, Street Clocks, Street Lights, Trash Cans, etc.
Awards, Cast Letters, Commissioning Plaques, Dedications, Headstone Markers,  etc.
Flat Bar, Flat Oval, Half Round, Plate Stock, Round Rod, etc.

Featured Projects

Historic Fire Bell Tower– Port Townsend, WA– Restoration of Bell & Mechanical Ringer
Jefferson County Court House– Port Townsend, WA– Balusters
John A. Cherberg Building– Olympia, WA– Handrails
Monroe House Movers– Industrial Wheel Rims
Port Townsend Paper Company– Industrial Machine Castings
Replica 1920 Édouard Ballot Automobile– Engine Block
Seattle Space Needle– Observation Deck Cardinal Letters
Standard Oil– Replica Bell